Dr.B. Suresh, Director, JSS Academy, for the past thirty years has been actively involved in uplifting the standards of pharmacy education and profession in India. He was elected in 2003 as the President of Pharmacy Council of India, the statutory body regulating the pharmacy education and profession in India. He was once again re-elected as the President of Pharmacy Council of India in August 2008 and August 2013 and has the unique honor being elected thrice to this leadership position. He is also the Chairman of the Scientific Body of Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission, which is responsible for setting of standards for pharmaceutical substances and formulations.

Dr. Suresh is also the delegate member of the United States Pharmacopeia Convention and also the member of the Council of Convention of the USP. He is also the member of ACPE International Services Commission, USA . He was also the past President of Asian Association of Schools of Pharmacy, Chairman of the Education Section of the Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical Association and the Executive Member of Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association.

He had pioneered the cause of promoting "Pharmacy Practice" concept in India and has the unique honour of having introduced postgraduate programme in "Pharmacy Practice" and "Pharm D" programmes in India and continues to strive to uplift this facet of pharmacy profession by closely working with other global leaders.

Dr Suresh has to his credit several national and International publications and has initiated several international collaborations through bilateral, academic and research exchange programmes. He has to his credit of having organized several national and international meetings and conferences in India and elsewhere, and had spearheaded the organizing of the World Congress of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2011, 71st International Congress of FIP. He has actively involved himself with the education initiatives of FIP and been an active member of FIP Pharmacy Education Task Force.

In recognition of his invaluable services in the field of pharmaceutical education, he is a recipient of several national and international awards. He is the past President of the Indian Pharmaceutical Association.

In recognition of his invaluable services in the field of pharmaceutical education, he is a recipient of several national and international awards and to mention in particular the FAPA Ishidate Award–2004 (International Award) and Doctor of Science (D.Sc.,) Honoris Causa conferred by The Tamilnadu Dr MGR Medical University, Chennai in 2007 and by the Rani Durgavathi Vishwavidyalaya , Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh in 2012.

Dr B.Suresh is also the recipient of the presitigious ` Eminent Pharmacist Award` of the Indian Pharmaceutical association, the `ML Shroff award` of the Indian Hospital Pharmacists Association and the `KC Chatterjee award` of the Indian Pharmacy Graduates Association. He has been awarded the fellowship of the Commonwealth Pharmacists Association as the Fellow for the service to the Pharmacy in the commonwealth.

He continues to provide his leadership role in his multifaceted career by serving on several national and International statutory committees, viz. Drug Technical Advisory Board, National Board of accreditation, national committee for Clinical establishments and committee for Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPSEA).

He is fondly liked by all his colleagues for his humane approach and his excellent team leadership.

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